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Hindu Affairs:


Ms Leena Divecha

EC Member 2

+255 713 507 060

Religious & Cultural Convenor

1. Annual Sharad Utsav & Food Mela

2. Hindu New Year Gathering


Diwali fireworks has been a sensitive issue for all Hindus. Security, safety and adherence to laws of the land are always compromised and eventually many Hindus suffer. Diwali without fireworks is like celebrations without music. It is the Council’s moral obligation to assure safety and security of the Hindus while practicing our traditions within the parameters of the laws. The Council is pursuing with the government on how best all Hindus can enjoy fireworks by involving all the stakeholders, amicably.


October 03, 2014

Diwali 2014

Jagdish Trivedi

October 29, 2016

Diwali 2016

New Year Gathering

October 27, 2018

IC Rangoli Competition 2018

Inter-Community Rangoli Competition 

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