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Hindu Business Forum (HBF)

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Hindu Business Forum & Job Center

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Hindu Business Forum [HBF] is an established autonomous body of The Hindu Council of Tanzania with following goals:

1.    Strengthening each other by exchange of business opportunity.

2.    Uniting to solve challenges faced by Hindu businesses.

3.    Hindu Capacity Building

4.    Providing services: Job Opportunities / Business Formation / Labour information and many more.


Today we have membership of 40 businesspersons and hold quarterly meetings inviting government officers and professional speakers to address and educate various matters related to business environment. In addition it also holds social and networking gathering or dinners.


Hindu Business Forum Policy

Hindu Business Forum will be guided the this policy adopted in November 2014

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June 15, 2016

Budget 2016-7 Presentation

By Mr Rishit Shah

November 07, 2014

HBF Meeting

Presentation by Dar es salaam Stock Exchange

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HBF Members

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